• Service & Maintanance

    It is important to service and maintain your Porsche at it’s scheduled time so that your vehicle will perform the way you would expect it to. At your scheduled service, as well as changing the engine oil and filters, we always make sure that your Porsche has a thorough inspection. This includes, checking and if need be unblocking the rain water drains, where this alone can cause water damage in the cockpit area and damage to the control units that live under the seats. This can become a very costly affair. A thorough check to the condition of the tyres, clutch, brake pad/disc wear, suspension, engine, radiators/cooling intakes and visual inspection for oil leaks.

    Every Porsche that arrives at our workshops is treated as if it were our own. Our customers can also rest assured that an estimate will be done once the vehicle has been inspected and we will only proceed with any work once given the go ahead. We are very proud to be supported by Porsche Cars Great Britain’s same day parts delivery service.

    For our up to date service pricing please CLICK HERE.
  • MOT

    When your Porsche is over three years old, you will be required, by law, to obtain a valid MOT certificate. The MOT is done so that your Porsche is tested to insure that it is in a safe and roadworthy condition. Consistent servicing and maintenance will make sure your MOT test go smoothly and help reduce any expenses that could potentially occur if your Porsche was to fail this inspection.

    We offer a pre inspection to your Porsche before subjecting it to the test so that we get consistent pass rates, with little to no delays caused by retests.

    Once we have carried out your MOT inspection, we take note on file, when your MOT test is due for the following year, that way we can inform our customers two – three weeks before their test is due. MOT’s can be done up to thirty days before the test is due.

    As some of us on occasions loose our paperwork, we can also offer a duplicate certificate.

    MOT LOGO-200
  • Brakes

    The braking system on your Porsche is one of the most sophisticated system in the automobile market and requires a full understanding, achieved by our trained technicians. We have all the necessary equipment to test your Porsche braking systems and also resurface your partially worn discs to return your brakes back up to the standard they left the factory with.

    For pricing and more information please call us on 0207 794 9393.

  • Pro Disc Cutting

    The pro disc lathe works on your Porsche by attaching itself directly to the hub assembly. The technology includes an automatic, electronically controlled, gyroscope system, which measures run-out (wobble) in the hub and corrects this to an accuracy of better than 0.05mm. This procedure can eliminate rusty discs due to lack of use, vibration under certain braking scenarios, not to mention squeaky brakes, but most importantly can reduce your stopping distances. 

    View a video of Pro Disc cutting at Porchetech

  • Diagnostic

    Getting to the root cause of a fault, with minimum time loss and cost is only achieved with years of hands on Porsche training and the Porsche required system testers. We are fortunate at Porchetech to have both, so you can rest assured that no matter what goes wrong with your Porsche, we can get it sorted.
  • Wheel Refurbishment

    Having your wheels refurbished is one of the biggest improvements you can make to the overall appearance to your Porsche.  When we refurbish your wheels, they are not just smart repaired on the vehicle with a face paint. The wheel is removed and tested for buckles and straightened if required, dipped and shot blasted inside and out, then painted using the exact Porsche paint used at the factory.

    If however you fancy something completely different, we have all the colours your heart could desire. Each wheel refurbished then receives a new tyre valve and undergoes a full balance, tyre pressure reset and we can even repaint the wheel nuts to compliment your new rim.

  • Tyres

    Having the approved tyre fitted for ultimate performance is vital to optimise your Porsche’s handling and braking. Equally important is purchasing and having your tyres fitted at the right price. We stock all approved manufacture brands and we are a supplier of winter tyres.

    Please call us for a competitive tyre price and ask about our laser alignment service, to keep your tyres in optimum shape.
  • Engine & Gearbox rebuilds

    When the engine of any vehicle starts to play up due to serious oil leaks or internal wear and tear, it can feel like it’s heart has been torn out, no more so than in a sports car. We have been building Porsche engines and gearboxes for road and race for many years and have all the necessary tooling to get your engine or gearbox back to it’s original state, to give you many more years of trouble free motoring and enjoyment.

  • Audio & Electrical

    Porsche’s of a slightly earlier disposition lack some of the joys and toys of latest models, i pod/i phone connection points and bluetooth can all be fitted and there is always a wealth of help and advise for you to enjoy.

    For more details and to discuss any further options please call us on 0207 794 9393.
  • Air Conditioning

    Your air conditioning system is as important in the winter as it is in the hot summer months. This is because it’s drier air output is used to defrost your windscreen quicker than just using hot air alone. We can service your air conditioning as part of your scheduled service or just as an air conditioning service on its own.
  • Body Repairs & Insurance Work

    We undertake all major insurance company body work and private too, from painting a wing mirror housing that has been knocked off, to a full restoration. Our body repairs are all done to a meticulous Porsche standard that you would expect.